Next-generation homes, also known as multi-generation housing, is growing in need as more and more families are combining with older members of the family or younger members who need their individual living spaces while still sharing living expenses.

Three builders in the Disney World area are now featuring a connected suite in a single-family home. The suites can feature a living room, bedroom, and kitchenette type area. One of the builders includes the full kitchen with a bedroom, living room, and full bath. All of these are separated with their own door to the suite, (some builders feature models with an extra one-car garage) and they have an entry door on the outside of the property, for that extra level of privacy.

This provides the resident whether it be a senior or a younger person, their only individual living space. In-law suites are nothing new but the way next-generation housing is designed — being on the first floor of the unit —makes it substantially better than what was used in the past which was a unit over the garage. Since in many cases an in-laws suite is not really a great idea to be on the second floor when the resident may be challenged in climbing stairs.

This truly is the next generation in housing by allowing older family members Whether it be a grandmother, grandfather, or a set of grandparents to have their own distinct living situation with the new home. Togetherness and individuality under one roof. These homes make it simpler for families to combine living expenses while still allowing each other the freedom to live virtually independently.