We all dream of going to Disney World on a whim, not having to bear the cold of winter, or just having Disney right at our doorstep. Moving to Florida might be the thing for you. But with work and family, the time may not be right until you are ready to retire. Central Florida and the Disney area are great options.

The choices of communities are as vast as the area itself, and one does not have to choose simply an over 55 community where at least one owner is over 55. There are many communities that offer the calm retreat that you might be searching for. Established communities in the area and new construction are available new construction offers the ability to pick and choose your colors including cabinetry flooring and special features you might be interested in in a new community where everybody is on the same page of life they’re just retiring or they’re still working at home a bit many of my customers are continuing to work after retiring.

While an established community with resale homes you might find the neighbors at later stages of life. The properties can require a bit of upkeep but that should often be reflected in the price-hopefully to the buyer’s benefit.

There are 4 primary types of properties available in the is area.  Condos, while rare in the over 55 category Lake Nona has a charming community just minutes from all Lake Nona has to offer.

Single Family homes. These fee simple properties (you own the land outright) range from 2 bedrooms up to 5. And you may want to include an extra bedroom for those Disney Fans in the family as your home might be quite popular with them. Many of these homes offer a study of Flex space for the owner to work or craft from home.

Villas:  A villa is truly unique to the area. While it looks like a duplex where units side by side shares a wall, there are different owners for each side.

There are also leased apartments that offer amenities for the over 55 crowds.

Can You Retire at Disney?

Well, you can retire near Disney World. At Disney World, that’s a different story. There are about 10 individual communities surrounding Disney World some are still building and offering new construction while others are established. If your desire is to get in your car or hop in a friend’s car and go to Disney World for a couple of hours during the day, you’d want to be close by and there are communities within 5 minutes or 25 minutes to Disney World and others within an hour.

Does Disney Have a Retirement Community?

No, but don’t we wish. There was a rumor that Disney was opening a community for strictly over 55. And that it was going to be in Saint cloud which is approximately 45 minutes from Disney World. As of now, there is no details on the community. Even when I badger Disney staff.  if there was such a community clearing the lands getting the permits it would be two years off before they even began to sell (if in fact, this is true). I personally like to buy in communities that are already established or are just completing the process of building.

Where Is the Best Place To Retire Near Disney World?

Where is the best place to retire near Disney World that question could be answered so many ways but there are three communities that come to mind? Four Seasons by K. Hovnanian, Oasis by Del Webb, and a community I’ve sold at this writing eight homes in the Palms at Serenoa.  All three communities offer villas and single-family homes they also offer tremendous community features including a lifestyle director, gates walking areas pool.

What Is The Closest Beach Town To Disney World?

There’s a variety of choices of beach communities near Disney World. On the West Coast, you have Tampa Clearwater Sarasota Saint Petersburg all within one hour to an hour and a half driving on the East Coast you can start with cocoa beach Melbourne Daytona Beach and historic Saint Augustine.

Is Celebration, FL a Good Place to Retire?

Celebration offers all the features that in over 55 community looks for but without the stigma of being strictly in over 55. For example, there are miles of walking trails laced throughout the community. There are tennis courts community swimming pools and an excellent camaraderie with the other residents.  In addition, Celebration has something no other over 55 community has which is a town centre. Imagine having the ability to walk to get a cup of coffee, a sandwich, or a slice of pizza all right there in the center of town. And of course, you’re in a community that was designed by Disney Imagineers. So, while you may not be in a strictly over 55 community you have many of the features of that community right at the end of World drive.

Can You Retire and Live on Disney World Property?

Well, we all wish we could do that but the only ones that can are residents of golden oak is located on what was Disney property right between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. But these properties do come with a price tag to be one of the select few who can say they live at Disney World. Golden oak is gated exclusive and a community that has to be seen.

Is It Expensive to Retire Near Disney World?

I think that all depends on your frame of reference where you’re coming from. for many they find that the tax benefits of no state taxes and that you can homestead your property which further reduces your property taxes is also a benefit. Single-family homes for new construction will start in the $300’s minimum (there are some other communities that might offer in the $200’s as resales or further outside the Disney area)

What Other Perks Are There in Retiring Near Disney World?

The number one reason that buyers will choose to be near Disney World is the proximity to Disney World itself. As  Disney fans, residents enjoy quick trips to Disney World. Imagine getting to the gates of your favorite park, strolling in hopping on a ride having a quick-service lunch, or scheduling a meal and then another few rides and you’re back home to continue with your day. So, proximity is everything the closer you are the more you can go on the spur of the moment.

What Are Some Misconceptions About Living in an Over 55 Community?

I think the biggest misconception is that everybody is over 55 most policies say that one person in the home must be over 55. However, many communities when having new construction will offer an 8020 split which means that 20% of the homes can be sold to strictly under age 55.  in addition, adult children can live in the same home if over 19 years of age and age 18 and under can stay as guests for a limited time generally 30 days and sometimes to the maximum of 90 days per year.

What Is the Closet Over 55 Community to Disney World?

The closest over 55 community would definitely be Oasis. It’s located just about 2 miles from the gates of Disney World. It’s a brand-new community by an established builder and residents in this area have been waiting for a / 55 community in Winter Garden. Like other communities, it will be gated with a 24-hour secured swimming pool and a very unique feature that you will have views of the Disney World fireworks from some homes and the Community Center.

Videos and Tours Of Some Of The Newest Over 55 Communities Near Disney World

Before you go make sure you check out the current listings in over 55 communities near Disney World. Or feel free to reach out to me directly to find out more!